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Order one size up for the best fit. This jacket has adjustable parts that will make it fit you perfectly.
Size Weight
Small 85-110 lbs
Medium 110-135 lbs
Large 135-155 lbs
XL 155-175 lbs
2XL 175-200 lbs
3XL 200-220 lbs
4XL 220-245 lbs
5XL 245-265 lbs
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Top reviews from the United States

Average Score: 4.47 (57 ratings)

Harper T.  Verified Buyer

Saved my life

I got into a nasty crash where someone merged into my lane without looking. They pushed me into the concrete barrier, I lost control of my motorcycle, and I slid at 60mph for 30 feet.

I only got away with a little road rash on my hip and on my elbow, since the armor broke at such a high speed.

Seriously, if you're thinking of buying this armor, do it. It saved my life, and it could very well save yours.

Philip P.  Verified Buyer

Survived a crash thanks to this jacket

I bought this jacket a month ago and it saved my life yesterday. I was riding my motorcycle and a car cut me off. I had to swerve and hit the curb.

I flew off my bike and landed on the pavement. Thanks to this jacket, I only had some minor bruises and scratches. The jacket absorbed most of the impact and slid on the ground instead of my skin.

The armor did not break or crack. The jacket is still usable after the crash. I'm so glad I had it on.

Walter E.  Verified Buyer

Kept me safe!

Not a jacket to keep you warm but it’s a jacket that will help keep you cool on hot rides, which if you ride in Texas, it can get pretty damn hot!

Took my first fall and this jacket did it’s job and did it well. No scratches on me and just have a sore body but I just wanted to let the people know, this jacket held up and kept me safe.

Will definitely be buying more for my friends and family!

Sarah Y.  Verified Buyer

So thankful for this armor!!

I bought this for my boyfriend for when we go dirt biking. He had an old crappy chest protector before that was falling apart and I didn’t feel comfortable with him using that one so I bought this. Boy am I glad I did!!!

We were riding fast together shortly after I gave it to him and he took a spill, HARD and landed straight on his left rib cage. Had he not been wearing this Im SURE he would have broken some ribs, but thank God this suit protected him!! He was sore for over a week with likely some bruised ribs but otherwise ok.

This chest protector saved us some major medical bills and a lot of pain!!! shockshockshock Sooooo worth it and a great price!!

Dave S.  Verified Buyer

Best jacket ever!

I love this jacket so much. It is comfortable, breathable, and protective. I feel like a superhero when I wear it.

It has saved me from some nasty falls and scrapes. The hard plastic armor covers all the vital areas and absorbs the impact well. The mesh fabric lets the air flow through and keeps me cool on hot days.

The zipper makes it easy to put on and take off. The elastic waist design fits me well and doesn't ride up or down. It also looks amazing and gets me lots of compliments.

People always ask me where I got it from. It is worth every penny.

Kyle F.  Verified Buyer

Lots of Protection - Light - Very Adjustable

I've been riding motorcycles for almost 50 years and have worked in the motorsports (motorcycle) industry for over 35 years. In that time I've had a few mishaps and I have seen a lot of injuries that could have been lessened or avoided completely if the proper riding gear and protection had been worn.

As such, I try and wear the proper safety gear whenever I ride. But like most people, I don't care to be wearing excessive gear and be sweating when I'm out having fun on a motorcycle or UTV. Since I live and work in an area that sees extreme heat in the summer I thought I would try the Armorjacket.

It seemed to offer all the features I wanted at a decent price. I'm just shy of 5'10", weigh 162 lbs, have a 33" waist, and a 40" chest. And my arm length is rough 22" (shoulder to wrist). Since I fell right between a Large and an Extra-Large using the sizing chart I decided to gamble and go with Extra-Large.

After the jacket arrived I tried it on and it felt too large at first, I thought oh great. But then I started adjusting the multitude of straps and Velcro adjusters and was able to size the jacket to fit me perfectly. (5 adjusters on just one arm sleeve alone.)

Note: I may have been able to fit into a Large, but the Extra-Large gives me the option to wear over a thin shirt or adjusted out to fit over heavier clothing in cold weather.

After adjusting to fit I found the jacket to be very comfortable and all of the protective padding seems solid and is positioned in all the vital areas that are normally prone to impact during spills. The armor is also sturdy as well as flexible so I don't feel any binding when riding my motorcycle or driving a UTV (side x side).

And even with all the padding the jacket feels light and breaths well.

Hopefully I never get to experience how well the protection works, but even if I don't the peace of mind knowing that it provides is well worth the purchase price.

57 reviews

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